WRC - Wireless Research Center
Group Details

WRC — Wireless Research Center

Group leader: Dr. George Giaglis

Contact: Chris Kounavis

The ISTLab Wireless Research Center (ISTLab/WRC) pursues basic and applied research on areas relating to the application and exploitation of mobile, wireless, and sensor-based technologies in organizational and social contexts. The main research interests of the group engage upon the following research streams:

  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous Information Systems
  • Emerging Mobile Business Models
  • Wireless Communities
  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing
  • Innovative mBusiness Applications and Services
  • Mobile Supply Chain Management Optimisation
  • New Mobile Work Models
  • Mobile Business Strategy, Policy and Regulation

The mission of ISTLab/WRC is to promote research on mobile and wireless business through its participation in leading-edge and innovative research projects as well as the production of high-quality research results. The members of ISTLab/WRC pursue basic and applied interdisciplinary research on a multiplicity of dimensions defining the world of mobile and wireless business.

ISTLab/WRC has organized the 9th International Conference on Mobile Business / 9th Global Mobility Roundtable (Athens, June 2010) and operates the European Wireless Research portal.

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