ISTLab - Information Systems Technology Laboratory
Welcome to the Information Systems Technology Laboratory (ISTLab), established at the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Here we explore, research, create, formulate, and integrate engineering and management practices to increase the effectiveness of the information systems and their realisation and adoption process. To reach our goal we follow a number of interrelated paths.
  • Social, organizational and political aspects of ICTs: virtual communities, electronic collaboration, inter-organizational networks, and e-goverment
  • Information systems: analysis, development and adoption
  • Design, management and evaluation of enterprise technolgies: e-Learning, knowledge management, and enterprise resource planning systems
  • Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor-based Computing: Applications and Services, Business Models
  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous Information Systems: Design, Analysis, and Technology Acceptance
ISTLab consists of five federated research groups.

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