WiNNOVATE - Mediterranean Wireless Innovation

Project type: Dissemination
Web site:

Starting date: 1 May 2009
Ending date: 31 October 2011

Scientific coordinator: Dr. George Giaglis
Groups: WRC


WiNNOVATE aims at strengthening the innovation capacity of regional and municipal authorities in Greece, Spain, Italy and Slovenia by transferring knowledge and best practices, as well as coordinating policies, on the introduction and proliferation of wireless applications and services for citizens, government, and economic development actors. More specifically, the project will leverage and cross-fertilize existing wireless infrastructures (local and metropolitan wireless networks), define and experiment pilot applications that will add value on these infrastructures for the benefit of end users, and propose policy interventions at the regional, national and transnational levels. We will define an operational toolkit positioning regions in terms of maturity and capacity levels for the introduction and use of innovative WiFi- and WiMAX-based applications and services and use this as a guiding vehicle for the gradual increase of wireless innovation potential for any given region in the Med space. We will jointly establish the specifications and pilot one wireless information service per region, delivering concrete results and acting as a proof-of-concept for the operational toolkit. The project's main outcomes will be: a reusable methodological approach for assessing and guiding regional authorities towards wireless innovation, working pilot applications at each participating region, evaluation of the lessons learnt by the pilots, and a set of policy recommendations.


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