PEVE - Mobile Data Services Adoption

Project type: RTD
Starting date: 1 January 2010
Ending date: 31 December 2010

Scientific coordinator: Dr. George Giaglis
Contact: Anna Kasimati
Groups: WRC


The project aims at investigating factors affecting the process through which consumers develop (a) their initial intention to adopt Mobile Data Services (MDS) and (b) their subsequent actual adoption behavior. The study will investigate the current use and future potential of MDS under a cross-national perspective, since it will be co-ordinated with the Worldwide Mobile Data Services Survey (WMDSS), which is a global self-funded academic survey being carried out annually since 2002 in more than ten countries across the globe . In particular, the scope of the study is twofold: i) to define an explanatory model of the individual, social, and application factors influencing an individual's intention to adopt MDS along with the conditions that facilitate or prohibit the subsequent actual MDS usage and ii) to designate the mobile market's future potential and how consumers can be classified in terms of intention and usage behavior. Both these objectives will be investigated via a cross-national approach, while this application seeks funding only for the national (Greek) part of it.

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