MAD - Mobile Advertising Effectiveness

Funding programme: Research and Technological Development Consortiums in sections of National Priority
Funding Agency: General Secretariat of Research and Technology
Project type: RTD
Starting date: 1 February 2004
Ending date: 30 August 2006

Scientific coordinator: Dr. George Giaglis
Project Manager:
Groups: WRC


The objective of this project is twofold: Under the light of an interdisciplinary approach a mobile advertising effectiveness framework will be developed for the evaluation of SMS, EMS, MMS advertising messages and in addition this model will acquire added value as it will be implemented in an electronic web environment, with real time data.

Searching for factors contributing to successful advertising campaigns constitutes a perennial effort for marketing researchers. Although a significant amount of research has been devoted to traditional marketing channels, the advances of technology bring forth new and innovative media such as the Internet, interactive television. Amongst these new channels, mobile marketing has created significant interest to practitioners, however its theoretical potential in advertising terms needs to be further investigated. This project aims at identifying and conceptualizing the factors that influence the effects of a mobile advertising campaign. Factors are mainly inherited from traditional channels, like television and print, and are adjusted to the principles of this innovative medium, however a number of mobile channel specific attributes are also introduced. A novel classification model of the corresponding factors will be proposed and implemented.



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