Efpraxia Zamani (PhD Student)
Efpraxia Zamani

E-mail: ezamaniaueb.gr
Office phone: +30 2108203855
Office address: Evelpidon 47-A & Lefkados 33, Room 103
Postal address: Evelpidon 47-A & Lefkados 33, 11362, Athens, Greece
Groups: WRC


Efrpaxia Zamani holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Engineering, AUTH. She has been awarded with an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester and an MSc in Finance & Management Engineering from the Aegean University. She has received a scholarship from the Department of Financial & Management Engineering, Aegean University Efpraxia is currently studying toward her PhD in Pervasive Information Systems in the Department of Management Science and Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece. Her main research interests lie in the area of Pervasive Information Systems and Adoption Theories.

PhD Thesis

Title: The role of Emotions and Aesthetics toward the adoption of Pervasive Information Systems Adoption
Supervisor: Dr. George Giaglis
Starting date: April 2009

Pervasive Information Systems constitute an emerging class of Information Systems that are embedded within our physical environment, constantly collecting information in the form of input from the user and the environment itself so as to continuously readjust their function and implicitly respond to user needs and requirements. However, research in the field of user acceptance and adoption of Information Systems has been largely concerned with the cognitive aspect of usage, focusing more on the predictive strength of factors such as Performance and Effort Expectancy. These are elements that are no longer central to the context of use of Pervasive Information Systems. The current study proposes a new research framework that has in its core the affective qualities of Pervasive Information Systems and develops by exploring their impact on the user Emotional State.

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