Dr. Nikolaos Mylonopoulos : Publications


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • A. Nikas and A. Poulymenakou. Networked business organisations: an actionable research framework. In G. Doukidis, N. Mylonopoulos, and N. Pouloudi, editors, Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era. Idea Group Publishing, London UK, 2003. ISBN 1591402670.

  • K. Pramataris, A. Vrechopoulos, N. Mylonopoulos, G. Papamichail, and A. Poylymenakou. Personalised services and promotions in internet retailing. In B.Stanford-Smith and P.T.Kidd, editors, E-business: Key Issues, Applications and Technologies, eBusiness and eWork 2000 Conference, Madrid, Spain, 18-20 October 2000, pages 796–802. IOS Press, 2000.

Conference Publications

  • A. Vrechopoulos, I. Constantiou, N. Mylonopoulos, and I. Sideris. Critical success factors for accelerating mobile commerce diffusion in europe. In C. Loebbecke, R.T. Wigand, J. Gricar, A. Pucihar, and G. Lenart, editors, Proceedings of the '15th Bled E-commerce Conference, e-Reality: Constructing the e-Economy'., June 17-19 2002.

  • K. Pramatari, A. Vrechopoulos, N. Mylonopoulos, G. Papamichail, and A. Poulimenakou. Personalised services and promotions in internet retailing. In B. Stanford-Smith and P.T. Kidd, editors, Proceedings of eBusiness and eWork 2000 Conference, pages 153–161, October 18-20 2000.

  • N. Mylonopoulos, G. Doukidis, and G.M. Giaglis. Assessing the expected benefits of electronic data interchange through simulation modelling techniques. In Doukidis, G., Galliers R., Jelassi T., Krcmar H., and Land F., editors, Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Information Systems, pages 931–943, June 1995.

  • N. Mylonopoulos, G. Doukidis, and G.M. Giaglis. Information systems investment evaluation through simulation: the case of edi. In Glarke R., Gricar J., and Navak J., editors, Conference Proceedings of the 8th International EDI-IOS Conference, pages 12–26, June 1995.

White Papers

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