Dr. Korina Diamanti : Publications


Journal Articles

  • K. Diamanti, L. Ioannou, N. Pouloudi, and D. Baglee. Supportive mechanisms for effective change management. International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management, Vol.2(4):307–333, 2007.

Conference Publications

  • K. Diamanti, N. Pouloudi, C. Papoutsi, and G. Veioglanis. Business intelligence in greek organizations: opportunities and risks for effective change management. In Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems - MCIS 2006. Association of Information Systems, 5-9 October 2006.

  • K. Diamanti, G. Veioglanis, and C. Papoutsi. Business intelligence and change: Case studies in greek organizations. In 3rd Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 10 may 2006.

  • K. Diamanti and N. Pouloudi. Benchmarking in network organizations. In P.H. Ketikidis and L.S.C. Koh, editors, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Supply Chain Management and Information Systems (SCMIS 2005), pages 194–206, 6-8 July 2005.

  • K. Diamanti and N. Pouloudi. Virtual benchmarking and global networking. In A. Sohal and R. Cooney, editors, Proceedings of the 7th International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation, and Knowledge Management (CD ROM Proceedings), pages 159–167, 16-18 February 2005.

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