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  • A. Vrechopoulos, I. Constantiou, N. Mylonopoulos, and I. Sideris. Critical success factors for accelerating mobile commerce diffusion in europe. In C. Loebbecke, R.T. Wigand, J. Gricar, A. Pucihar, and G. Lenart, editors, Proceedings of the '15th Bled E-commerce Conference, e-Reality: Constructing the e-Economy'., June 17-19 2002.

  • A. Vrechopoulos, I. Constantiou, and I. Sideris. Strategic marketing planning for mobile commerce diffusion and consumer adoption. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mobile Business: Evolution Scenarios for Emerging Mobile Commerce Services - M-BUSINESS 2002., July 8-9 2002. prepared in CD - Folder 9.4 - by Mobicom IST project and ELTRUN - The eBusiness Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

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