SQO-OSS - Source Quality Observatory for Open Source Software

Project Code: IST-2005-33331(International)
Funding programme: FP6/IST
Funding Agency: European Commission
Project type: RTD
Web site: http://www.sqo-oss.eu/

Starting date: 1 September 2006
Ending date: 31 October 2008
ISTLab budget: 378,000
Total budget: 1,638,800

Scientific coordinator: Dr. Diomidis Spinellis
Project Manager: Dr. Georgios Gousios
Contact: Dr. Diomidis Spinellis
Groups: SENSE

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What do we know about the quality of the software you are using?  A well-known conjecture  in software engineering is that external quality characteristics are correlated to internal quality  characteristics and thus the measurement of source code provides useful data for the  assessment of its quality. Uniquely, open source software allows us to examine the actual  code and perform white box testing and analysis of it. In most open source projects we can  also access their version control system, mailing lists and issue databases.  We can use these  data sources to extract quality indicators through techniques, such as data mining.  SQO-OSS aims to increase the competitiveness of European software development SMEs  through a holistic approach of software quality assessment, initially targeting open source  software. The project seeks to use as many sources of quality indicators as possible so as to  create a set of metrics that can be applied automatically to a software project’s repository in  order to extract quantifiable measurements of its quality.  The project will deliver:
  • A plug-in based quality assessment platform, featuring a web and an IDE front-end.
  • An enhanced set of software metrics that will take into account quality indicators from data that is present in a project’s repository, but not yet used for quality assessment.
  • A publicly available league of open source software applications, categorised by their quality characteristics.
  • A methodology that will allow European SMEs to leverage the availability of quality-assessed open source software in the development of horizontal and vertical applications and the provision of value-added services.
  • Experience reports of how the tool’s application affected a large open source project
The project leverages existing tools and will also create new ones in an effort to build an integrated quality assessment platform. The core will be released as open source software  under the BSD licence to stimulate business interest around it.


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