Iraklitos - Design and evaluation of wireless systems in Supply Chain Management

Funding programme: Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training II (EPEAEK II) - Action 2.2.3.b - Iraklitos research fellowships at the Athens University of Economics and Business
Funding Agency: Ministry of Education
Project type: RTD
Starting date: 8 November 2002
Ending date: 31 October 2005
Total budget: 31,697

Scientific coordinator: Dr. George Giaglis
Contact: Dr. Vasileios Zeimpekis


In urban freight movement a good, near-optimal, distribution plan is necessary but not sufficient for high performance distribution. This is mainly due to the probabilistic factors that urban movement depends on, such as high levels of traffic congestion, negative environmental impact, tight delivery time windows, vehicle breakdowns, unexpected events and so on.We propose a dynamic vehicle management system that monitors distribution vehicles in real-time and recommends intelligent re-routing interventions that minimize the adverse impact of unforeseen events on the entire system

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