eBusinessForum - Working Group IA5 - Identity management in e-government services

Project type: RTD
Web site: http://www.ebusinessforum.gr

Starting date: 1 October 2006
Ending date: 1 October 2007

Scientific coordinator: Angeliki Poulymenakou
Contact: Dr. Nancy Pouloudi
Groups: IRIS OIS


In order to produce the deliverable a meeting with interested participants from various sectors was held. Indicatively, participants were lawyers, experts in identity management research, bank executives but also people interested in the implementation of an identity management framework in the medical sector. The topics discussed involved identity management in the greek context, issues that will rise in the future but also corrections to the deliverable were proposed, which were incorporated.


  • Coordinator: Aggeliki Poulymenakou, Athens University of Economics and Business (GR)
  • Coordinator: Athanasia Pouloudi, Athens University of Economics and Business (GR)
  • Rapporteur: Elpida Prasopoulou, Department of Management Science and Technology (GR)
  • Rapporteur: Eirini Kalliamvakou, Department of Management Science and Technology (GR)

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