CEBOS - Cost Effective eBusiness Operating Services of SMEs

Project Code: IST-1999-29585(International)
Funding programme: IST
Funding Agency: European Commission
Project type: RTD
Web site:

Starting date: 6 January 2001
Ending date: 30 June 2003
ISTLab budget: 91,320 EUR
Total budget: 11,146,000 EUR

Scientific coordinator: Dr. Nancy Pouloudi
Project Manager: Dr. Korina Diamanti
Contact: Dr. Korina Diamanti
Groups: IRIS


CEBOS is a Best Practice Pilot project, partially funded by the European Commission under the IST program (Information Society Technologies). Its main objective has been the establishment and evaluation of four Electronic Marketplaces in Greece, Spain, United Kingdom and Romania, which progressively minimize the gap between SMEs and the International on-line market. By deploying international standards, CEBOS enables the formation of regional digital communities as well as their interconnection in the context of e-Europe. An SME that becomes user of a regional CEBOS market place, exploits the opportunity for concentrated marketing activities and becomes part of a wider network of digital market places with global impact. The strategic business objectives were:
  • Validating a high customizable e-Business model for concentrated e-Market Places, which will eventually contribute to sustainable regional and European SME growth. The CEBOS e-business platform provides advanced business solutions via customization of process models, work and information flows and user interfaces. Their validation is achieved through CEBOS Best Practice pilots, where all coordinates are measured and verified accordingly.
  • Facilitating cost efficient participation of SMEs in e-Business activities. For the duration of the project alternative annual costs, for participating in CEBOS market places, have been defined according to current and future market values. This cost is directly associated with the best practice that CEBOS is going to demonstrate, and is compared with alternative modes of going digital in order to prove its competitiveness.
  • Improving the e-Business maturity in each regional environment of the project. For the duration of CEBOS extended dissemination activities facilitated project awareness along with the active participation of SMEs in its pilots and the establishment of e-Business reference nodes in each region. Parallel marketing activities directed to the end consumers also supported this objective.
  • Provision of e-Business reference points in each region for SME training and consulting. Each catalyst organization established a help desk providing assistance for the CEBOS pilots and e-Business adoption in general. More than 300 SMEs have been supported in developing their on-line activities as a result of CEBOS.
  • Deployment of electronic markets that will increase WEB content and provide high quality services for the end consumers.


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