PSSTE - Patterns Standardization for Designing Tele-Education Systems

Funding programme: Operational Program of Research and Technology EPET II, Measure 4.1, Action PENED ‘99
Funding Agency: MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENTGENERAL - Secretariat for Research and Technology
Project type: RTD
Starting date: NaN 2000
Ending date: NaN 2001
ISTLab budget: 158,473 EUR

Scientific coordinator: Angeliki Poulymenakou
Contact: Angeliki Poulymenakou
Groups: OIS


The research project aimed in the improvement of the quality of the provided education and in particular of the tele-education via computers and the world web (computer- and web-based tele-education), as well as in the empowerment of corresponding national software industry. The results of the project can be described as: a) Production and standardisation of usable design patterns of Tele-education Systems, and b) Contribution in the design and development process of educational applications.


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