Nick Chozos
Nick Chozos

(ISTLab associate)

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Nick Chozos is a safety and security consultant for a London-based consultancy called "Adelard". His work considers the specification, analysis, design, assessment and justification of safety-critical, computer-based systems in high hazard industries such as nuclear power and aviation, as well as the protection of the UK national infrastructure against natural disasters, industrial accidents and acts of terrorism. Nick completed his PhD in the Department of Computing Science of the University of Glasgow in 2009. He was previously a Research Assistant in the Athens University of Economics and Business from October 2001 until December 2002, where he worked in two EC funded projects (CEBOS, DOMINO). Research interests include social and human factors in computing, software reliability, hazard analysis, accident analysis techniques, safety argumentation/justification and safety management systems in industries such as healthcare, energy and aviation.

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