Natasha Papazafeiropoulou
Natasha Papazafeiropoulou

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Dr ANASTASIA PAPAZAFEIROPOULOU is a Lecturer in the Information Systems and Computing department at Brunel University. She has worked as a technical trainee in the European Union (EU) in Brussels and as a research associate with expertise in electronic commerce at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She holds a first degree in Informatics (1994, Athens University of Economics and Business) and a M.Sc. in Information Systems (1997, Athens University of Economics and Business). Her research interests fall within social aspects and policy issues of electronic commerce, more specifically focusing on the use of stakeholder theory for the analysis of electronic commerce applications development. Her research also considers the knowledge diffusion mechanisms available for such applications. She has worked as a full time researcher for a three year EPSRC funded project with the title 'Human Factors in Electronic Commerce: A Stakeholder Perspective'.

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